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Astor Hill Cockers

Please see "puppies" page for upcoming litters information.

Thank you for visiting our website! We are a small show hobby owner/breeder cageless kennel of sweet, healthy, and beautiful cocker spaniels. Our dogs are our family. They are very happy guys! Per American Kennel Club Standard, a cocker spaniel should be MERRY. Above ALL they should be free and MERRY!!! That is the temperament we strive for in every dog we breed.

Pictures above were taken for our local all-breed kennel club's calendar and at the dog shows. Painting on the left by Christi Teliman is a beautiful portrait of our 3 girls. Beautiful work of art! Below and on the right side you see the cutest flowery cocker spaniel puppies - artwork created by Barbara Butler! Thank you Barb, for letting me use these adorable puppies! 

Cocker spaniels make excellent companions. Our cockers are true cockers and a fine example of that. They are happy, sweet, healthy and beautiful. Joy to Own!

Some pictures of our babies:

Baby Samantha. What a beautiful girl bred by Elena Sicurello of Tsunami Cockers! Samantha turned out to be a whole package: gordeous, smart, merry, showy, alert, and sweet and matured into a stunning beauty with an amazing and exceptional personality! Love her!

About Us

We are small hobby American Cocker Spaniel owners/breeders located in Fairport, New York. We are close to MD, CT, PA, NJ, MA, and OH.

This website is full of pictures of our Cockers as well as information about them and cocker spaniels in general. We are proud and active members of Genesee Valley Kennel Club (GVKC) all-breed kennel club located in Rochester NY, Niagara Cocker Spaniel Club (NCSC) located in NY and the American Spaniel Club (ASC). We strongly believe that each breeder who contemplates breeding a litter, should direct his efforts towards producing dogs of exceptional quality, temperament, and condition. We are devoted to this breed and very proud of our dogs. We breed very selectively striving to produce healthy and beautiful cocker spaniels. We are very grateful to the long-time breeders who entrusted us with these wonderful dogs at the beginning of our journey. We are also very grateful to the professional handlers for great presentation of our dogs and excellent care while showing. Most of our dogs are Champions and Grand Champions.

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